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The remains of the Berlin Wall  1989 - 2019

November 9, 2019 has marked the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, but what happend with the remains of the Wall and is it still visible in what is now one of the hottest cities in Europe. A story about a landmark that divided the city of Berlin for more than 28 years.

Berlin wall 2.jpg

At an industrial site along the Teltow Canal -which was the natural border between East and West- these remains of the Wall are for sale. They are sold for up to €10.000, transport not included.


The hinterlandmauer next to the Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sportpark is a popular place for graffiti artists and youngsters.


In 2018, Berlin attracted 13.5 million visitors from all over the world. Ranked third after London and Paris, Berlin’s popularity continues to grow fast. The Brandenburger Tor in former East Berlin is one off the most photographed landmarks in the city.


A long part of the Berlin Wall stands at the Niederkirchnerstrasse where people walk along the East and West side of the former Wall. The E.U. Bear stands tall while an East German Stretch Trabant passes.


After 30 years the Hinterlandmauer still cuts roads in half at Sophie II cemetery. Bernauerstrasse, Berlin


The Marie Elisabeth-Lunders House was build around the original pieces of the Berlin Wall. Marked are the amount of people who have been killed trying to flee to West Berlin.


Gunter Litfin was a German tailor, born in Nazi Germany. He was the first person to be shot whilst attempting to escape across the Berlin Wall. Litfin attempted to illegally escape by swimming from Humboldthafen into West Berlin. East German transportation police discovered him and ordered him to swim back. Liftin did reach West Berlin but as he lifted his hand to exit the river he was shot and killed. His dream was to life in freedom. He was 24.


Parts of the Berlin Wall in the Niederkirchnerstrasse.


A long stretch of the Berlin Wall seen at the East Side Gallery. In contrast to Munich or Frankfurt, Berlin is one big playground for building contractors and investors. Mercedes-Benz, Zalando, Holiday Inn, McDonalds, all major companies have large new office buildings in former East Berlin.


Many pieces of the Berlin Wall are spread out in the city. Many of them are privately owned and putt in gardens, parks and office buildings.


Parts of the Hinterlandmauer at the Bornholmerstrasse.


Dr. Özkan Suat was 6 years old when he arrived with his Turkish parents in East Berlin. He was fascinated by the differences between East and West Berlin. After the fall of the Berlin Wall he started to collect East German items. In his basement underneath his coffee shop in the Bernauerstrasse he has 4 fully dressed mannequins with the uniforms from the occupied armies. A Russian soldier, a French soldier, an English soldier and an American soldier. In the two shopping carts he has about 200 big pieces of the wall. He grabbed a big one and gave it to me. “A gift to you my friend. I hope you shoot beautiful pictures to tell this story. Let’s build bridges, not walls."


At this spot along the Spree river at least 7 people got killed trying to swim to the shores of West Berlin.


From 1961 to 1986 the East German border police killed 17 people at the Griebnitzsee, the Teltow Canal, the Wannsee and Klein Glienicke. All were shot to dead. They all had one dream... swim across and life in freedom. The youngest was 19 the oldest was a woman, Erna Kelm 53.


The Brandenburger Tor is a very popular place to demonstrate. The building on the right side in the picture is the 5 Star Adlon Kempinski Hotel which opened his doors in 1907.


The Wall Memorial in the Bernauerstrasse.


Tourists stroll along the remains of the Berlin Wall. Berlin expects over 14 million visitors in 2019.


Checkpoint Charlie. The “You are leaving the American sector” sign still stands at the former border between East and West Berlin.


Berlin Wall memorial, Bernauerstrasse


The Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe or Holocaust Memorial near Brandenburg Gate commemorates the up to six million Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust.


The Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe or Holocaust Memorial near Brandenburg Gate commemorates the up to six million Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust.


28 years long this was “the dead strip”. Land between the Berlin Wall and the Eastern Hinterlandmauer. Landmines, barb wire, border soldiers, attack dogs, Stalin’s lawn’s... everything possible was there to prevent people fleeing to West Berlin. Nowadays a peaceful place where young people meet and hangout.


East Side Gallery


Berlin Wall memorial seen from the Sophie II cemetery.


Berliner Mauerweg.


Graffiti artist at work on the Hinterlandmauer in The Mauerpark, Berlin.


Misheel runs free along the steel pipes, marking what once was the Berlin Wall.     "Wall Memorial" Bernauerstrasse.

This story and these pictures are dedicated to my Up With People Cast E 1989 family.

Story shot on


Leica M 10

Leica Elmarit-M 1:2,8 / 28 mm ASPH.

Leica Summilux-M 1:1,4 / 50 mm ASPH

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